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Blamorama is a video production company with a network of digital nomads working both locally and globally. Everyone and everything has a story to tell. Our passion is to make them seen, heard and shared. We create videos for the platform of your choice, and are happy to assist all the way through; from idea conception to delivery of the final product. With the diversity of our network in mind, we also offer cross-cultural consultation and services in several different languages such as English, Mandarin, German, Malay and … Swedish!    


Video/Film Production

Motion Graphics


Video/Film Editing

 Animation / Illustration


Drone Filming

Drone Photography



Still Photography

Cross-cultural Consultation


The stars of Blamorama:

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About Blamorama:

With extensive experience directed towards social media and web,
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Latest news

  • 2018-01-27

    Photos in New York Times

    The New York Times released a wonderful article today about life around the polar circle, and one of the photos published were taken by none other than Marcel Köppe.You go, Marcel! We are so proud of you and are so glad to have you as part of the Blamorama Network! 
    P/S: If you are in need of amazing photos, just give us a call.

  • 2017-11-09

    Collaboration with Angel Eye Media

    This week we start work on a collaborative project with Angel Eye Media ltd., a production company based in London. The film project is for the Open University in the UK, and will include interviews from around the world. The purpose of the films is to make students think about the meaning of money and how much it affects people's stress.  Blamorama represents Sweden, and will interview two Swedish households. So great to be able to contribute to such an important topic! 

  • 2017-11-01

    Blamorama expands!

    Maya Umar, who has been interning here at the creative office for the past two months, has now begun her full-time role as Video Producer and Cross-cultural Consultant. We have also officially launched the Blamorama Network, a growing network of creatives from around the world who are able to provide services in Sweden and across various countries.  


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