Skill set: Filming, editing, concept consultant, journalism
Loves: To bring forth stories and to simplify complex facts to make it accessible for the general public
Native language: Swedish
Other language: English

I created Blamorama with the dream of telling stories creatively; to capture and evoke emotions, to build up interests and to create commitment and awareness. 

Some say I have more ideas in a minute than others have in a day. I'm a creative soul and an idea incubator with my thinking cap laying outside the box. Curiosity, exploration and a desire to share stories and experiences drives me. 
Originating from Sundsvall, I´ve travelled the shortest distance to be here in Luleå.. But the journey has been filled with experiences and life lessons which has given me the pleasure to build bridges (not walls) with other creative people across the world, while establishing precious international and national contacts.

If you are looking to:  bring awareness to your products, services, and ideas, or getting your voice heard, I'll make it happen. Always with diversity and equality in mind. With the world as my workplace, and Blamorama's global team of digital nomads, I say reach for the stars!



Skill set: Writing, translating, providing voice overs, and cross-cultural consultation (China)
Loves: Literature and to explore the power and possibilities that words can provide.
Native languages: Mandarin
Other language: English and Swedish

As a person with strong empathy, I consider myself a good listener who takes good care in solving problems. I am a curious explorer and a creative writer, with words and books being my playing ground. Exchanging ideas and initiating interactions are something I am very comfortable with and offering help to others in need is my second skin. Coming from the big city of Xi'an in China, I have now found home in the calmness of Luleå.

If you are looking for: a foot into the growing Chinese market, with its 1.3 billion citizens, I can help you. Together we can spread your product, idea, and information.



Skill set: Photography, filming, video editing, marketing, cross-cultural consultation (Germany)
Loves: Capturing personalities, moments and the magic of our beautiful nature up here in the north
Native language: German
Other languages: Swedish and English

Originating from the concrete jungle of Berlin, my active family and I found Northern Sweden to be our perfect match. Me being a Northern Lights hunter and my family loving nature and being outdoors, we saw the opportunity of being able to live our dream life. With roots in the tourism industry, I have since worked on marketing and imagery. Photography, both still and motion, is my means of capturing emotions and waking the interests in its viewers.

If you are looking to: capture that special moment, need assistance in building incentive businesses as well as help navigating through the jungle of the German business bureaucracy, you can rely on me!


Skill set: Video editing, translating, writing, organizing and cross-cultural consultation and networking (Asia)
Loves: Bridging the gap between the east and the west as well as working with pre and post-production, namely organizing and editing.
Native languages: English and Malay
Other language: Swedish

I learned the term "global villager" from a previous workplace, and after having worked on projects involving organisations from all over Asia, I truly understand the importance of being one. "East + West" was a theme we went by, and is still something I hold on to (and is now personally ever more relevant) now that life has brought me from the warm sunny days of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to the enchanting winter wonderland of Luleå.

If you are looking for: a link to Asia, allow me to be that bridge. With vast connections in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Philippines, China and India, I can help in your business endeavours.


Skill set: Illustrating, painting, comic art concept, storyboard creation and cross-cultural consultation (Pakistan & Kuwait).
Loves: Drawing and designing foreign worlds and populating it with heroes and other forms of life.
Native language: English
Other languages: Urdu and Gujarati

When I was growing up in the big city of Karachi in Pakistan, I used to help my mother draw cartoons and paint face-masks to decorate her classroom. There were always creative things to do at home. I now live in Kuwait and work with all kinds of illustration and hand-drawn animation. Being a digital nomad has contributed to the growth of my visual library, which helps in the process of character and environment design. .

If you are looking for: a creative edge in bringing visual life and realism into your ideas or concepts, let us explore the possibilities together.

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