About Blamorama

Blamorama is owned by me, Ingrid Fridesjö, an artistic and imaginative video producer from North of Sweden. I have years of experience as a journalist and videographer with a penchant to awaken emotions. With a background in news and children's programs as well as theater and film, I have what it takes to make the perfect video for you. Blamoramas headquarters are in Luleå but uses the whole world as a workplace. In other words it´s possible for you to have your video recorded and completed anywhere you want.


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You control the marketing

Blamorama is a company that helps you to reach out and stand out in the crowd by creating videos that will move you. And you, as the customer decides how you want to use the video. Where, when and how you publish them is entirely up to you. Some channels I recommend for marketing is Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. All are excellent for you to reach a wider clientele and to be able to show more for both existing and new business partners.

Blamorama assists you

Blamorama works with municipalities, organizations and businesses of all kinds, large and small. I´m happy to assist with everything from idea to finished product, but can also work only as video photographer or editor. At Blamorama everything from video reports and filmed lectures to product and information films are produced.

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