Secrets of the stone

Two great days in Lannavaara, a little village way up north. There's a saying that if you visit here more than three times you're "stuck". After that you would long to return and may even consider moving here. So far, I have only been here twice, but can already feel the Lannavaara effect. :) 

Many amazing stories and life experiences! We feel there's a great story here to be told.


Covering a historical performance

Amazing to have been able to be a part of a touching, amazing and strong dance performance about prisoners from Soviet that were stopped and trapped in Luleå after world war II.

Documenting and taking press photos for #mångfaldensmagasinperformance Fånglägret (the prison camp). A site-specific, thematic and partly documentary dance performance based on what happened at the so-called German magazine after the end of World War II.


Destination Älvsbyn - Swedish Lapland's hidden pearl

Älvsbyn’s municipality is one of the cooperation parties in the ongoing EU-project Destination Capacity Building in Swedish Lapland. In order for the municipality to reach out as a travel destination, Blamorama was given the task of producing a film centering the summer in Älvsbyn.

The film has garnered 42 561 views just three days after the film was shared on Facebook.  653 people has also shared it and 3717 have liked/ loved the video clip directly on the site or via its shares. Accommodation inquiries for the summer of 2017 started pouring in from the first day itself and more potential visitors started calling after they watched the video. 

We at Blamorama think it’s very cool!  

Almi – Business school in easy Swedish

In collaboration with Almi Nord, Blamorama has created a digital business school to help newcomers to Sweden faster achieve their goals of becoming entrepreneurs. Great initiative and fun to work with! 

The business school offers knowledge of the areas that prospective entrepreneurs come into contact with: the company, you as an entrepreneur, the market, economics, administration and law.


Ice Hotel creates climate-smart winter feelings year round with the help of the midnight sun

Summer outside, winter inside! 
Listen to the founder of the Ice Hotel i Jukkasjärvi talk about how it all started and see their new, climate-smart Ice Hotel 365 here at Blamorama’s reportage for Arctic Greenprofit. 
Find the film here at Arctic Greenprofit’s facebook page

Want to learn more about profitability through sustainable business?

City of Songs - Swedish premier for the first episode of the documentary series

It is finally the day for the Swedish premier of the documentary series on the collaboration between City of Songs and Ice Music. The film premiers at the Royal Folkets Bio at 19.15 and is part of NMW (Norrbotten Media Week). 

City of Songs is an American documentary series which follows Bob Dylans guitarist Charlie Sexton on his trip around the world as he hunts for unique music, food and cultural experiences. In the first episode he visits Luleå.
In February 2015 he spends a week in a house in Luleå creating music on ice instruments with the musician Michael Blair and five other young musicians from Norbotten and Austin – Olle Nyman and Rebecka Digervall from The Magnettes to name a few.

The whole process was documented by a film crew from Austin and Blamorama from Luleå under the management of Ron Lynch from Big Baby Agency. Everything from the music creation and the jamming sessions between the musicians together in the house, to the rehearsels at the Ice Music ice concert hall and finally the public concert. Now the documentary is premiered for the first time in Sweden. 

Austin TX, EU-Business Summit and a new office

Just got home from a lot of meetings and the opening ceremony of the New Luleå office in Austin Texas that opened because Lulea and Austin are sister cities. Everyone from Luleå that needs to work in Austin can rent the office room that´s located at the office landscape and "community" WeWork, which leases office space / facilities to filmmakers, production companies, tech startups and entrepreneurs around the world.
Really great premises that I look forward to work at in future colaborate projects!

It was full speed ahead the five days I was there. In addition to the opening ceremony of the office were various meetings scheduled with creative people that I worked with before in Luleå. You may recall Ice Music - City of songs? In addition, there was also DreamHack, Maker Faire and Texas EU Business Summit. I also was engaged to document the events and the Luleå delegation that was there. You can see more about that on the Lulea Loves Austin's Facebook page.

All in all a very fun and rewarding business trip with many new friendships, partners and experiences richer!


Born Global

When I started my company it was from a "born global" perspective. Having office in Luleå but the world as a workplace. It's pretty amazing that you can work that way. That through the computer can invite the world to your workplace of 15 sqm. Or let the world to invite you, pack your suitcase in the office and work wherever the journey takes you.

Right now for example I´m working  with research and script ideas, along with a person from London, for TV Tokyo, one of Japan's six television stations.  They are going to Stockholm, our capital city, to record a news program about the negative repo rate and the housing bubblet hat seems to be at rise.

That a small company as mine working globally is perhaps an ambition that many believe is set too high. But the opportunities are there for you and for me. Obviously Blamorama works mostly locally and nationally, the majority of the business is here.
But do not forget that the world is where you are, you can be out and about wherever you are and working with videos on social media and the Web provides global audience.

Valentines Day treasure hunt 

Today Robin from the event bureau [A: T kotyr] and I were at Strand Galleria in Luleå. Together we had organized a treasure hunt for hidden love messages that you had to read aloud in a video message with someone they held dear. 
We did it to get customers to visit more stores in the mall, and find interest in the stores they usually do not go into. Those who participated in the contest had the chance to win a price package value of 6000 SEK.
The videos with the greetings was posted throughout the day at Strand Galleria's Facebook page so participants and others could join in and share, like and comment.

To get additional influx to their Facebook page we also put in an extra contest as an Facebook ad, for those who were unable to attend at location, where they could win 500 SEK in gift cards by writing their own love greetings directly on the page.

And yessiree, we got a lot of lovely messages this Valentine's Day!


Video based E-learning

The "friday feeling" is here and I would like to share some good news with you!
Blamorama and Crearo is launching a collaboration. Together, we can provide you with creative and interactive, video-based learning platforms for web and all mobile devices.

If you want to know more just contact me or Maria Jonsson at Crearo


Murmansk The Northern Character Film Festival

Majority of female award winners

Did a statistical compilation where I looked at the gender distribution among the prizewinners at the Film and Television Festival “The Northern Character” in Murmansk.
Very exciting!

4 of the 6 prizes that went to Sweden were taken by female directors

Among the first prize winners 7 out of 10 went to female directors

The " Grand Prix" was awarded to a female director

"Best Camera / Photography" went to a female photographer.

Of all the prizes handed out including third diploma, second diploma , first class diploma and finally the winner 58%  went to female film workers.

Success for Swedish films at Russian Film Fest

The stay at the festival Northern Character in Murmansk has been fantastic!
Now we are back again with good news. Besides fun meetings and lots of movies to see, the Swedish films won first prize in various categories of the competition.

Malin Weight Orson won 1st diploma in the documentary category with the film "It's about life "

Amanda Kernells movie "Northern Great Mountain " was awarded first prize in the category "short fiction"

Tamara Sushko won the class children and youth programs with hers film "Children of Destiny "

Eva Löfroth took home first prize in the documentary film debut class with hers “It´s about life "

And Matias Löw won the Best Television Program Award for his documentary  "All the world in a design school "


Luleå basket Kidsday Kids day VildaKidz basketball Luleå

Game host at Luleå Basketball Kids day

This Sunday I will be game host at Lulea Basketball Kids Day. All children under 12 years enters for free!
There will be a real party with face painting and balloons in the foyer. Also VildaKidz and children's Christmas will be arranging competitions with tasty prizes.
Blamorama, VildaKidz and the Children's Christmas will be on site from 2p.m in the foyer.
Let´s cheer together for Sweden's best basketball team!


invigning HYDRO66 official opening Data Centre

Official opening of HYDRO66

Today was the day when cars were predicted to fly, pizzas as small as biscuits would bake to full-sized family pizzas and clothing would resize, dry and tie themselves. Unfortunately it wasn´t really so!

But I still got to be involved in a small piece of the future when I was hired to document the British HYDRO66 inauguration of their server hall in Boden. A server hall powered 100 percent by renewable energy with hydropower from the Lule River.
Or as they say: " The ultra Green Arctic Data Centre "
I say: Cool!
photo taken by Mat Richardson Photography.

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