Kung Fury - Northern Character, Murmansk

To make reports on the move along with clients is no problem, with portable editing equipment current news or stories can be done and published on the spot.

This news report was produced in Murmansk at the television and film festival Northern Character on behalf of the Swedish delegation that would participate with their films. They wanted to be able to update via facebook on the progress of  the festival as well as make short news reports.

They also wanted a "road movie" about the entire trip by bus from Lulea to Russia and back home again.

Luleå Basket - More than just basketball

 Video is a perfect tool for nurturing and strengthening your brand. With the help of social media, your messages quickly reach large audiences.

Luleå Basket Luleå Basketball is not only best in Sweden right now, they are also great ambassadors for Luleå. They have set a goal to become the leading female athlete club in Europe and influence womans team sport in Sweden. The goal is that their players will have the opportunity to try their luck as an individual and also earn money on something they are passionate about and love. A message they present with the help of videos



The Northern Sun Bike Meet - After Movie

Combining video marketing and social media is a winning combination! Videos are very easy to take in and are shared much more often than written materials.

When Linderoths Motorcentre and Western Farm launched the new, unique bike meet "The Northern Sun Bike Meet" in a wild West setting, I was contracted to do an after movie of the event. The film was used both in order to promote the event for the upcoming season on facebook, websites and ticket sales at the same time as they got the weekend's festivities documented. The film quickly spread among motorcycle enthusiasts in the Nordic region, Europe and the US who now looks forward to visit the unique wild west enviroment where the battle of horsepowers meet and the midnight sun never sets.


Växtriket in Luleå and storytelling

If you want to capture the audience who watch your video and deliver your message as effectively as possible, you should start with a story. A story where you gently weaves benefits of your product or service

At the store Växtriket (in English translated to Plant kingdom) in Lulea they’re not only selling flowers of all kinds, they also have a variety of furnishings. To highlight and demonstrate the breadth of their range Blamorama took forth the idea to let the staff surprise a colleague with an interior makeover, only with goods and products from the store. A makeover that was very much appreciated!

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