Feeling, creativity, responsiveness

With extensive experience in video photography and video editing directed towards social
media and web, Blamorama creates the perfect video product for you.

The stars of Blamorama:

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About Blamorama

Blamorama is owned by me, Ingrid Fridesjö, an artistic and imaginative video producer.
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Latest news

  • 2017-09-05

    New addition to the team!

    Maya the cool Malaysian chick who wasn't afraid of moving to our Arctic climate starts her internship at Blamorama today! She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film and a Diploma in Media Technology. Maya is a perfect match for #blamoramaworld and it's #bornglobal perspetive. I'm so happy to have her working here at our #creativeoffice 

  • 2017-08-19

    Secrets of the stone

    Two great days in Lannavaara, a little village way up north. There's a saying that if you visit here more than three times you're "stuck". After that you would long to return and may even consider moving here. So far, I have only been here twice, but can already feel the Lannavaara effect. :) Many amazing stories and life experiences! We feel there's a great story here to be told. Read more


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